Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Professional Guidelines for a Geek

Every field has its own skillset requirements and people with those specific strengths are drawn to it. The general principles that enable you to succeed in life are the same across most fields, but depending on which field you are in, they apply in different ways.
I’ve spent all of my working career in various IT roles, and my knowledge of life outside of IT is all second hand. So if this post appears to be out of touch with the world outside IT, then don’t be too surprised.
Lets start with the TL;DR version first:
  1. Be Prepared – Pre-fetching isn’t just for processors
  2. Be Proactive – And the same goes with branch prediction
  3. Be Decisive - Don’t stall cause you see 100s of possibilities
  4. Be Attentive - Remember, input is just as important as output
  5. Be Straightforward (but not blunt) - Politics should be “Read Only”
  6. Work Hard, but leave on time – The longer you run, the less efficient you are
Stay tuned for posts on each of those points..