Monday, August 15, 2011

The Lord's Prayer (Programmer's Version)

Here is a programmer's version of the Lord's Prayer that i came up with.

The Programmer’s Prayer

Our Program, who art in RAM,
"Hello" be thy name.

Thy schedule come, thy commands be done,
In memory as it is on screen.

Give us today our daily output,
And forgive us our erroneous inputs,
As we forgive those who input errors to us.

Lead us not into exception, but deliver us from SegFaults.

For thine is the algorithm, the implementation and the execution,
looping for ever and ever.

(Though technically the System.exit(0) will be flagged as unreachable code due to the infinite loop above)

I got the idea from a post in tdwtf . (Which i then rewrote)
Thanks to Carl, and Candice for their edits as well.