Monday, September 25, 2006

An astrologer’s nightmare...

As we say goodbye to Pluto after so many years of faithful service, we ought to stop at look at all its ramifications.

Sure it invalidates all those school text books... (And forces an edit, though this time for non political reasons), it would also cause some disagreement among astronomers, but if you look further think about its effect on all these astrologers.

These people have been going about all along telling people how the position, inclination, gravitational pull and god knows what not else of these planets affect our future and current sense of well being (and not to mention the amount of money that goes into their pockets). And now all of a sudden they learn of this development. So what do you suppose they would do?

Firstly, they could argue that it doesn’t matter whether we call it a planet or not... it still exists and thus can affect our lives just like before, well in that case what about those other new dwarf planets that were discovered? Weren’t they also existing and affecting our lives all along? Or is it upto the astrologers to decide which heavenly bodies can and cannot affect our lives.

Secondly, if any heavenly body can affect our life... then what about those thousands or millions of bodies in the asteroid and Kupier belts orbiting our solar system. Some of them are even bigger than Pluto. How can call their predictions accurate if they don’t account for so many of these?

Of course I know that these 2 points that I brought up are based on reason... not something your average astrologer would fathom. But then again this is not really written to enlighten an astrologer, but rather to the common man spending his money and wasting aspirations on something some soothsayer said would happen in the future.

(On a different note: who would imagine that in my first post it self I would be saying something concerning "everyday life, "the universe" and "something I came across" all in the same post. :D )

See ya around